All orders ship via USPS, who will then hand the package off to your local courier. You will receive tracking information within 24 hours of your orders shipment. If you have any trouble with receiving your order, it is recommended to reach out to your local post office for assistance. For international orders it is recommended that you use to track your order, as their API also works with the destination courier for tracking updates.

Shipping outside of North America varies, sorry. It's really expensive to mail things to far off places. Some places are more expensive to ship to than others right now (*cough* Australia) and shipping rates sometimes seem to change with the direction of the wind.

Phone Numbers are required on all orders due to most of our orders shipping internationally. I promise I won't text, call you, or sell your info, and if you want it deleted I can see what I can do.

Reshipping - If your shirt is returned to me I will make one (1) effort to contact you about reshipping. Shirts can be reshipped, but you must repay your shipping fee to [email protected] via paypal. Reshipping is typically just the cost of postage to ship your shirt back out.

LOCAL PICKUP in the Vancouver area and would like to arrange to pick up your shirt in person, please email or send an Instagram DM before placing your order so we can coordinate accordingly!